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Friday, March 23 2018
American Wind Power Booms through 2020

By Hannah Hunt, Senior Research Analyst, American Wind Energy Association

You might not realize it, but the days of wind power occupying a niche space in the American electricity market are long gone. Today wind is a mainstream, integral part of our energy economy. 

Forty-one states now boast utility-scale wind farms, and the U.S. has enough installed wind capacity to power over 26 million American homes. Last year, wind passed hydropower dams to become America’s largest source of renewable energy by installed capacity, and it is expected that wind will surpass conventional hydropower in generation this year too. Utilities and Fortune 500 companies alike increasingly turn to wind to meet their energy needs, which translates to job creation and economic investment for communities across the country.

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Friday, March 23 2018
Not Your Grandparent's Shopping Center

A Look at Expansion, Disruption, Trends, Evolution, Innovation but not Extinction in Retail Development

By Shawn Massey, CCIM, CRX, CLS, ALC

Retail has constantly transformed and evolved from the first general store to a town square/main street format to the neighborhood strip center, to the first suburban shopping center in 1949, to the mall evolution that started in the early 1950’s, to the big box era of that began in the early 1980’s, to the lifestyle centers that followed shortly afterwards, to mixed-use projects providing a live, work and play experience that are prevalent today. We have really come full circle in retail development as we look back to the integrated residential, retail, play and work environments that existed from the turn of the century.  

We are not, by any stretch, facing a “Retail Apocalypse.” Restaurants are booming. Grocery anchored malls remain steady.  The trend toward transforming retail into “experiences” continues to drive customer traffic to an environment targeted to a variety of age groups and interests. “Omni Channel” platforms encompass eCommerce and a host of spaces, physical and virtual. And, as retailers refine inventories, distribution methods, and fulfillment models, the retail market will survive even prosper in fresh, new ways.  --  Peter C. Burley, CRE

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Thursday, March 22 2018
What Accounts for U.S. Dominance in Aerospace, and Is It Sustainable?

By Theoharis Dimarhos, Marketing and Business Development Manager, and Angelos Angelou, CEO, Angelou Economics

As the popular observation (and trivia nugget) goes, just 66 years separated humanity’s first powered flight from our first steps on the Moon. From an 120-foot hop to a 400,000 mile journey that was quite literally out of this world, the sheer pace and depth of the technological progress required to bridge these two milestones was truly remarkable. 

In the 49 years that have passed since Neil Armstrong made history, we as a species have put that technological progress to shame. 

Make no mistake, the oft-bandied claims of a “New Space Race” are more than just hype. Yes, there is China’s promise to reach Mars, as well as the playful banter between SpaceX and Boeing to beat each other in achieving the same. These dreams are exciting, but there is a still a distant, ethereal quality to them. What is in no way abstract or far-fetched is the satellite/rocket revolution that has transformed the aerospace industry over the past several decades.

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Thursday, March 22 2018
Automotive's Amazing Race

By Dawn Baetsen, president of D.E. Baetsen & Associates LLC

The race for automotive market share is intense, while the race for mobility dominance is inspiring and spectacular. The mobility culture disrupts the automotive industry in every aspect. We are at a crossroads where the world needs efficient, safety-first movement by land as we travel increasingly more miles to transport people, goods, and services. The automotive industry is finding the paths where it can make a difference as new vehicle sales growth narrows. OEMs seeking to survive are leaping to further identify with, and reside in, the mobility economy where service revenues will be critical for survival. The genesis of the mobility economy evolves and transportation’s emerging alternatives away from personal ownership to mobility as a service (MaaS), rises demand for drivetrain fueling alternatives and movement to autonomous vehicles impact the industry and how it will operate in the future. Countless new, competing entrants bringing innovative technologies or providing service alternatives to traditional automobile ownership challenge the conventional industry business model.

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Thursday, March 22 2018
Reevaluation of Transportation Strategy

By Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultant at Cerasis

With the rise of eCommerce, the value of transportation has grown. Logistics professionals can no longer simply go about standard operations, and the days of peaks and lulls have ended. Yet, some may be asking, “why has demand increased so much?” To answer that question, let us turn our attention to some of the key top transportation trends we will see over the next 12 months, in part as a response to the growing customer experience movement.

The transportation industry faces a huge battle in 2018. Demand is increasing faster than anyone could have predicted, and new technologies are disrupting the market. The transportation industry will be shaped by these 10 top transportation trends as a response to the growing customer experience movement many industries are responding to.

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