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Tuesday, January 07 2020
Don't Shrug It Off

By Michael D. White, author and freelance writer

Cyberattacks have become an almost daily occurrence affecting a broad spectrum of businesses and industries from healthcare and finance to aerospace and manufacturing with threats such as so-called phishing and malware attacks serving as the weapon-of-choice for cyber criminals seeking access to steal and misuse valuable and sensitive data. Merely having a presence online potentially puts a ‘welcome’ sign in your shop window for those who are up to no good.

In fact, according to the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, while it takes an average of $2.4 million and 50 days to repair a cyberattack for a large company, a small or medium-sized business could, quite literally, with costs of repair topping $200,000 and an equal amount of time, be wiped out.

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Thursday, January 10 2019
Recent and Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity for Economic and Business Development

By Jim Damicis, Senior Vice President, Camoin Associates

What is Cybersecurity?
Hardly a day goes by with without news regarding cybersecurity threats. Whether it is about elections, eCommerce, business, or social media threats – digital systems are growing and creating both challenges and opportunities for business development. There are many definitions of cybersecurity. One I like to use is from computer systems leader, Cisco: “Cybersecurity is the convergence of people, processes and technology that come together to protect organizations, individuals or networks from digital attacks.
1” I like this definition because like it goes beyond technology to include people and processes. This aligns well with how I view economic development as operating within a dynamic system of people, organizations and networks.

Why is Cybersecurity Such a Big Deal?
So why such a big deal about cybersecurity? The answer: it is increasingly impacting our ability to conduct business from communications and networking, to markets, trade, logistics, and transactions. Additionally, our response to such threats to develop systems, services, and products that detect, correct, and protect is creating economic and business development opportunities. 

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