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Tuesday, January 07 2020
The Ideal Location? Options Vastly Vary for Medical Device Manufacturers

By Mark R. Smith, Contributing Writer

For medical device manufacturers, deciding where to locate may be relatively easy. Or it may be require an especially deep dive into the worlds of workforce, access, suppliers and tax breaks.

Or it could be somewhere in between; generally speaking, they might locate just about anywhere. They could mean nestling nicely within a sparsely populated rural county with interstate or port access; or perhaps settling within a dynamic cluster in a region where the companies and other entities feed off of each other.

For a lower tech operation, that can simply mean locating where it can easily obtain basic materials, like wood or plastic, for low cost; another firm may make acutely refined high tech devices and need to locate near the company’s research and development facility or a major medical center. Then comes the angle of what state tax advantages may be available.

In the end, figuring out why exactly where in the U.S. one of the 6,500 medical device manufacturers sets up shop in a $380 billion industry (both figures according to can be a fascinating aspect of a complicated yet, sometimes not sector of the manufacturing industry.  

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Thursday, January 10 2019
Medical Device Manufacturing: A Growth Industry Healing the World

By Lisa A. Bastian, President, Bastian PR

The U.S. medical device industry holds the title as the world's largest medical device market, boasting a market size of around $156 billion. In 2017, the industry represented nearly 40 percent of the global medical device market.

Highly competitive and driven by heavily-funded R&D initiatives, its universe of diverse products prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses or diseases, or are used to detect, measure, restore, correct and modify a bodily function or structure for health reasons. Industry players create everything from dental equipment/supplies, electro-medical equipment and in-vitro diagnostics, to irradiation apparatuses, surgical appliances and medical instruments.

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Wednesday, January 10 2018
Medical Device Manufacturing: Challenges, Potential and Prospects

By Michael D. White, author and freelance writer

It’s virtually impossible to take an analytical look at the medical device manufacturing sector without first looking at the 500-pound gorilla in the room the federal government’s medical device tax.

Originally included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the tax imposed a 2.3 percent sales tax on medical devices and supplies including pacemakers, optical diagnostic equipment, syringes, artificial joints, surgical gloves, ultrasound devices, and dental instruments that has proven to be “a severe drag on companies' ability to invest in and grow their businesses, whether in new facilities, infrastructure improvements, R&D or new hires,” says Mark Brager, vice president of communications at the Advanced Medical Technology Association in Washington, D.C.

According to industry analysts, the industry's federal income tax liability would be approximately $8.7 billion for 2013, the first year the tax was in effect a 30 percent increase in the industry's total tax burden, solely due to the device tax. 

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Thursday, January 12 2017
Medical Device Manufacturing: Current Trends and Existing Opportunities

By Pete Mohan, Site Selection Consultant, Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting


Medical device manufacturing is a dynamic industry, holding the attention of nearly every economic development agency in the country. However, with only about 300,000 employed in the industry nationwide, there are certainly limited opportunities to secure such operations. To help understand the direction that business is heading, a closer look at the prevailing trends is necessary. As saturation in traditional MedTech markets begins to push activity to other parts of the U.S. and the globe, new growth opportunities emerge for the burgeoning industry. 

National Trends

Throughout the nation, manufacturing employment faces the growing headwinds of automation and process improvement. Despite a growing economy since the end of the Great Recession that has seen a 6.9 percent increase in overall employment since 2012, manufacturing employment growth was less than half that rate (3.3 percent). The highly-technical nature of most medical device manufacturing operations makes the industry even more susceptible to technological forces, resulting in decreased employment but increased efficiency and profitability. This is corroborated by a decrease in employment of a half percent over the same period, while simultaneously growing gross wages by 11.3 percent, a truly impressive increase in the face of employment loss. See Table A.

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Monday, May 23 2016
Medical Devices Give New Life to American Manufacturing

By Tim Shea, General Manager of Product Development and Angelos Angelou, Principal Executive Officer, Chief Strategist, Angelou Economics

New Brighton, Minnesota. It’s the quintessential Middle American town, cold in the winter, humid in the summer. The people are friendly year round. Children play in the creek running through the neighborhood park, and the Dairy Queen across the street is ready to make them Blizzards when they’re done. A few miles down the road, though, is something rarely seen in America, at least not anymore: a factory.

A medical device factory, to be exact, Donatelle Medical. In operation since 1967, Donatelle is a staple of both the Minneapolis suburb and the healthcare industry alike. Cochlear implants, pacemakers, medication pumps, they make it all. They also employ hundreds of workers and inject millions of dollars into the local economy every year.

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